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After a preparatory period of one year, the Association started its activities during its 1st conference on Environment in Lebanon, on 01 JUL 1995.
The association was officially authorized to act upon circular No. 97/AD.
 – It is a Lebanese non – political & non – lucrative association.
 – Its main Branch is located at Beirut with representations at Nabatieh & Tyre.
 – Its members are from various Lebanese areas.


AMWAJ is dedicate to the protection and sustainable use of Lebanon’s biodiversity and to the creation of public green spaces, while continuous seeking to increase awareness of environmental issues, and gain support from international, regional and local agencies.

Goals of the association

  • Protect the forests and increase green areas.
  • Protect natural resources & creating natural reserves.
  • Banalize the environmental awareness & education.

The Association will reach its goals by

  • Execute all projects that contribute in environment development.
  • Encourage any party concerned by environment issues.
  • Prepare camps and sessions for staff preparation.
  • Organize environmental activities, lectures & conferences.
  • Issue reports, publications and printings.
  • Animate local and international environmental events.
  • Organize campaigns to find solutions for environmental problems.

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