Threats and Enabling Factors in Tyr

In the framework of CO-EVOLVE 4BG project implemented by AMWAJ within ENI CBC MED program, results of the brainstorming meeting and consultations with local stakeholders held on 23rd of December 2021 for the Analysis to be done in the next phase by experts in TYR Pilot Area came as follows:

Considering the pareto Law 40/60, six T&EF are set:

Factor CodeFactor NameNumber of Votes%Cumulative %
F4Pollution and other anthropogenic pressures affecting ecosystems.1317%17%
F11Ecosystems protection811%28%
F3Touristic fluxes and carrying capacity79%37%
F2Littoralization and urbanization68%45%
F10Coastal protection measures68%53%
F6Safety and security challenges57%60%
F12Water supply and depuration57%67%
F16Local community57%73%
F9Cultural and natural heritage sites45%79%
F1Climate change and morphological stability34%83%
F5Conflict/Synergy among different uses on land and at sea and land-sea interaction in Blue Growth34%87%
F14Tourist well-being and infection prevention and control34%91%
F15Legislation, Administrative constraints, Governance, Financial resources and mechanisms34%95%
F7Tourist well-being and health emergencies23%97%
F8Habitat and Endemic Species11%99%
F13Transports and accessibility11%100%

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