Brainstorming Workshop for Stakeholders in Tyre- Co-Evolve4BG

AMWAJ held a brainstorming meeting for stakeholders in Tyr on 23/12/2021 at Al Mamlouk Center in order to select the main Threats and enabling factors for the Analysis phase on Pilot Area Scale in Tyr under Vo-Evolve 4BG project in the framework of ENICBCMED program.

Mr. Malek Ghandour, president of Amwaj introduced the project and its general objective. He highlighted the importance of the workshop and participation of the various actors, and he stated that the end goal is to sustainable development in Tyre, and the adopted approach is to think globally and act locally, followed by a speech of Mr Hasan Dbouk, Head of Tyr municipality.

After a round of introduction of participants, Mr. Raji Maasri presented the results of conducted desk review, describing the general situation in Tyre, and the main problems threatening the environment as well as Dr. Soumaya Ayadi who had a presentation about the importance of Biodiversity and Marine Life.

Questionnaires were explained and filled and several discussions and interventions took place in the aim of selecting the main threats and enabling factors in Tyr such as solid waste management in Tyre, Improving tourism, Protection/Development of fish resources as well as the Participation and Collaboration between private and public sectors.

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