National stakeholders Meeting on Marine Litter in Beirut

A national meeting for coastal stakeholders involved in the marine litter issue was organized by AMWAJ of the Environment on 11 August, 2021 at the MEA Conference and Training Center in Beirut in the framework of COMMON project implemented by Mediterranean partners from Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon for managing and monitoring marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea.
The meeting aims for sharing knowledge on ICZM plans for marine litter using a participative approach through engaging representatives from the governmental, non-governmental, municipal, academic and private sector who attended the meeting as well as representatives from international organizations, the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces concerned in the protection of marine areas.
An opening speech by the President of AMWAJ, Eng. Malek Ghandour, welcoming the participants and thanking MEA for hosting this meeting. He presented the vision of AMWAJ and its work in the field of the marine environment and in the establishment and management of marine reserves. He introduced the COMMON project including the main activities of the project from monitoring and studies to raising awareness of different target groups in Tyre pilot area. He talked about the main objectives of this meeting in expanding the circle of stakeholders at the national level under work package 5, and highlighted the distinguished and professional efforts of the project’s general management of the LEGAMBIENTE in Italy and the Cross-Border Cooperation implemented by the EU in the framework of the European Neighborhood Instrument ENI-CBC-MED Program.
In addition, the meeting included two presentations on the roles of the project partners in Lebanon, by Eng. Rebecca Baissari, and online by Dr. Nahed Msayleb on Tyr Coast Nature Reserve (TCNR).
Then an intervention by the General Manager of MORES, Mr. Raji Maasri who spoke about the Problue project that involves the World Bank, the Ministry of Environment in Lebanon, the ISWA and the University of Balamand.
An online intervention about the work of the University of Balamand in the field of marine environment was followed by the intervention of the President of the Lebanese Coastal Coalition, Dr. Fifi Kallab.
Discussions and interventions between the participants who exchange ideas came with several outputs and suggestions such as raising the level of cooperation on ICZM; coordination and joint efforts to achieve the best results on the coast; investing and building on existing capacities through the exchange of experiences, information and research; strengthening electronic communication platforms to disseminate information, culture and awareness; and establishing of a blue network as an inclusive framework for communication, interaction and sustainability.

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